Positive Collective Social Action Workshops


Event Intro

The easiest way to get actively involved in the Focallocal movement and build greater connection within your community!


These meetings bring to life a remarkably constructive and vibrant atmosphere where people wanting to create an be part of change in their community come together and create a hub for planning and setting up positive social action! They are perfect for anyone who wants to be involved in our movement and make life happier and more connected where they live.


Time! time and fear of big commitments is what normally scares people off getting involved in groups like ours. That’s where Focallocal is different as most of our events are designed to be as simple and easy to set up as possible, we’ve run them all before and automated most of the hard work for you. Simply;

come along and meet friendly people interested in Public Happiness 
discuss which of our events you like the most (or discuss a new suggestion) 
pick a project, meeting point, date and time 
click the button on the event/project page 
then invite your friends, and that’s all that’s needed – unless you want to do more.

focallocal for events-High-resThese workshops create the perfect opportunity to get started for anyone who is interested but a little hesitant to take the jump to setting up Focallocal events and projects. Just come along and meet other pro-active, positive people – pick an event together, send it to us (on the project/event/group page) and then invite all your friends.. easy! then put in as much effort with your team as you’d like to spreading the word and making your event spectacular! If you really want to bring connection to the place you live and the people around you, then set up your own monthly or weekly Positive Collective Social Action Workshops, they are an incredibly effective way to build a community of change makers, having fun and working together to directly impact their societies culture; making it feel safer, happier and more connected for everyone living there! That’s real power to influence the world around you, and we’ve made it simple and fun!


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Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up:

  1. Find a suitable space were you can meet. Libraries and Town Halls often work well. You could also approach somewhere that has similar interests, like co-working office spaces related to positive action like the Impact Hub network and Universities who often have spaces for projects to help society – using these spaces would help to build awareness of your event and bring the right people in. Internet access is desirable so you can actually set things up and research while there.

  2. Invite all your friends and visit our Marketing and Advertising page in the Resources menu above for ideas on spreading the word. University students are great contact as they are usually very enthusiastic about a project like this, curious to explore their power to influence the world around them, have free time, and often can use our projects as the basis for their coursework and assignments.3. Turn up and discuss events you can put on – its as easy as that!


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