Contact the Press and Media


Our movement for a more friendly, connected, safer and happier world will be built on a wave of hundreds of thousands of small activities, and all of our events work great with just a few people, normally by simply inviting the public to join in as they pass.

If you’d like to build a crowd for some public happiness you’re setting up or helping promote you’ll normally want to contact the press and media. You can try searching for: local press, radio, magazines, websites, put posters in your work, gym, uni, etc – if you have contacts at university’s their student media outlets are normally outstanding for building resources.

To increase your chances of a positive response from contacting the press include these details in your contact email/press release:


An Exciting Headline:
In no more than 8 words tell the reader directly why they should be excited

A paragraph with who, where (name of location and time), what and why?

Event/Activity/Project Description:
A brief description of what will happen on the day, full of exciting descriptive words. Use the event name fairly often when contacting the press. Try NOT to Get toooo CARRIED AwAy!!!! excessive punctuation, capitals and weird writing will get spam flagged, and looks pretty unprofessional.

How will Attendee’s find you?
Address, photo of meeting point, a quick google map screenshot,  something that stands out they can look for (bubbles, a soft toy, bright signs, umbrellas, etc)

Links to High Res Images:
Fortunately we’ve got you covered here. Head over to the Action Center and click resources in the Marketing Card, or in the card of the Activity/Project you want to bring attention to.

Personal Statement:
A personal statement what the event means to you, what is your connection with the cause or with Focallocal?

For More Info:
[email protected]
[email protected] (dot) org

Social Media Links:
Copy/paste links to where you want people to sign up (, facebook, eventbrite, meetup, etc)

Careful not to put too many links or emails will treat it as spam


  • Keep it short and to the point, less than a sheet of A4
  • Headings should make for easy reading with bold headers for each section if possible
  • Don’t include other attachments than a single photo, some reporters find this irritating

Follow Up!
Send a friendly message a few days later just asking if they got it, and if there’s any more information you can offer. Warm, casual and still a little professional.. like talking to a friend around their grandparents.

Send the press who published your event photos, videos, quotes and articles from it – increasing your exposure, and making them more likely to want to feature your Public Happiness in the future

It doesn’t hurt to add emphasis to a few key words in a sentence. Unfortunately we do live in a world where no one has the time to read things properly, and its fairly likely that the person reading your email will scan over it quickly. Accepting that it doesn’t hurt to give them a little help seeing what your message is about.

You might think think it sounds daft, but it is completely true. Particularly on electronic devices. readers get bored before they get to the end of line. In an email you often don’t have much choice, but if you want to keep someone reading try keeping the width of your paragraph to less than 16 words. Seriously, give it a try. It feels like less effort to read

A Nice Font
The little things you hardly notice make a huge difference. I spent ages researching what font to use on this website, hunting through what the ‘font fanatics’ had to say about what was the smoothest, friendliest and easiest font for reading, with a slightly light and fun tone. I finally settled on a Font Stack made based around Roboto, i hope you’ve unknowingly enjoyed my efforts 🙂

So anyone wanting to share and find photos, videos and articles about what happened can find them easily. Its also great for reporters researching stories.

Definitely include: #Focallocal #PublicHappiness #PublicHappinessMovement #(your city/town) #(the name of the activity)

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