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Societal Issue Targeted:
Challenging negative cultural norms like not talking on public transport and fear of initiating  positive and fun interactions with strangers 


Simple Set Up:

1. click the ‘Set Up’ button and add the date, time, a meeting point and a mid-way rally point

2. invite your friends

3. bring two instruments or make them out of junk (see guides in the forums)

4. turn up and share the joy of making music with everyone on the . write to 3 of the most enthusiastic people that came and ask them if they will write a post about the event to share with the rest of the Focallocal community

-see the step-by-step guide below if you’d like to do a more detailed set up

tfl jam main

Event Intro


An afternoon of musical creativity, exploring the power of music to bring people closer together; while we transform the boring, dull, grey transport system into an oasis of creativity, fun and expression. At the same time we offer commuters the chance to share a positive social interaction with each other and the opportunity to experiment and play with their inner musician ..something that far too many people haven’t done for much too long. This event takes our community one-step closer to a change in culture, towards a place where sharing a positive interaction on public transport is just a normal thing to do.

We ask people to each bring two instruments, so that we all have one to give out to a commuter and provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to join in and share the experience.

Lots of us don’t own 2 instruments, so in the forum below you’ll find a collection of simple instruments people can make from junk you have laying around your house; and we usually hold an instrument making workshop somewhere nearby before, so we turn up ready to  get the event going with a group of people and a big box of cool instruments like yogurt pot shakers with rice or spaghetti, pop bottle trumpets, trash can lid symbols, etc.

This event is as much about creating beautiful collaborative rhythms as it is about simply having heaps of fun and bringing people together, so the event is great for any level of musical ability – It certainly does help to have a few good musicians along to set a rhythm so if you know any please invite them to join us.


Our event in London usually finishes in one of the cities live music venues and turns into a jam night to keep the party going into the early hours as everyone is waay too high on positive energy to just stop and go home!

Our event in London usually finishes in one of the cities live music venues and turns into a jam night to keep the party going into the early hours.


Suggested Equipment: A ‘Join Us’ BannerLots of instruments (many will be hand-made from junk)Suggested Locations:Riding around on public transport, trains work better than buses as they have more spaceOpen public spaces as rally points, like a bus station or plaza at a shopping mall


Set up a Jam

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TFL Jam: a Celebration of Music and Creativity on the Tube! - Focallocal.orgTFL Jam: a Celebration of Music and Creativity on the Tube! – Focallocal.orgFeb 13, 2013Photos: 152

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Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up:

  1. Make a post on our forums with your plan including an idea of the date and location that you’d like to hold your event. Now others can offer advice, or ask to join you to help planning and spreading the word.2. Plan a rough route, but keep it to yourself. Having a rigid route on the day can add unnecessary stress.3. Pick a meeting/starting point, 1 rally point (on the other side of town will bring more people into the event) and a bar or club to finish in, if you can find a jam night it fits in very nicely with the rest of the day.4. Click the ‘Set up an event’ button in the top right of this page.5. Create a thread in our forums for your event6. Remind all attendee’s to bring a two instruments so they have one to give out7. Post some of the instrument making guides in the forums below onto your event page to give people coming ideas8. We suggest hosting a craft instrument making workshop before the event (on the day, or any other day) to make sure you have a big bag of instruments to give out – having lots of them makes a huge difference9. Visit our event promotions team in the resources tab as this event is definitely better when you have lots of people


After the Event:

  1. Attendees always want to go to a park or bar and socialise afterwards so its best to have this planned before the event.2. Create a photo album on Facebook, click ‘make this a shared album’ invite all attendees and ‘Andy at Focallocal’ to be contributors – now all their friends and our members around the world can like, comment on and enjoy photo’s of your event.3. Please write a post about your event to share your experience of the day and effect it had on people around you; and include some of the best photo’s.4. Set up your next Transport Jam, or any other positive collective social action event or project on our site.

Lessons we’ve Learnt

1. Don’t stress about getting big numbers; some of my most successful events have taken place with between 6 – 9 people because when its a small group everyone works harder to invite the public to join in with us. It does help to have at least one person along who can actually play music though.

2. Setting more than a 1 meeting point seems to have a negative effect on the numbers who join in as people just wait until you get close to them to join in. Having one meeting point for those that miss you or get separated works well.


Legal Stuff (how it worked out for us)

No money changes hands and so in most countries it shouldn’t be breaking any laws. I’ve had a few discussions with tube staff, but once i they’v always been ok with it once i explain that it’s just people coming together for a positive activity that benefits the community.

I also would always say that it is a “gathering” of local people doing something fun for a good cause, rather than an “event” – as by-the-book folk assume events should have applied for permission. 


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