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What would the world be like if everywhere people were creating simple events, reaching out to everyone nearby and inviting them to share fun, activities with each other?

How much closer and more connected would we feel to each other if these interactions were a normal part of our daily lives?

What if these activities also had the power to bring communities together, in a call for action, to deal with serious societal issues in a constructive, light-hearted, adventurous and enjoyable way?

Welcome to the Focallocal project!



How does Focallocal work? is a place to come together and use these simple activities as a tool for creating connection and social cohesion in your local community. Each activity creating a small ripple of positivity spreading outwards through the people we interact with and reaching more people who desire a happier more connected life to join us here, supporting our project and creating Focallocal events and projects in their local community – each one adding more, multiplying until there are thousands of positive ripples everywhere combining into an unstoppable wave of positive community 


action, sweeping all across the Globe – with a simple but powerful message of reducing the distance between everyone around us!Join in and be part of our global community filling the World with simple and fun positive social action events and projects which bring people and local communities everywhere closer together, reminding everyone we meet that they live in a friendly, caring and happy society!

Some projects require some commitment, but many of our events are designed to reflect the speed of modern life and the pressure most of us have on our free time – so many Focallocal activities are designed so you add your energy when you have the time and then take a step back when you don’t have free time. YOU CAN make a real and lasting difference to your local community, creating a culture of togetherness and openness to others everywhere!

A small group of passionate people, and an idea which spreads has the power to change the culture all over the world! Our idea is a simple one,  and with your help we can turn it into our new reality; and have a lot of fun along the way! Please Join Our Movement!!!






1901770_481410421991944_5138431642487492296_nWhere does the idea come from?

I’ve met so many people who tell me they want to do something positive for the world with their life, but aren’t sure where to start; or they have trouble picking one cause to put their energy and passion towards as there are soo many to choose from! Today established charities are turning away volunteers by the bucket loads because there is feeling running like a river through society today that the World we live in is not what it could, or should be – and that it is time for changes! There is a great need in today’s World for simple, easy to access ways everyone can be involved in creating a better world to live in. 



As the founder of Focallocal I also felt this desire to find a good cause, something I could feel like I was doing to make a positive difference and to make the World i live in a fairer, happier place ..but what? there are so many worthy causes around, and i can only focus on one thing at a time. I went through a period knowing that i wanted to pick one and commit for a while, but being completely unable to decided ..until I realised that while I can only help one cause at a time, if i can show others how to come together and fix societal problems, then together we can fix everything! Showing people how we can come together and create change together is my main motivation to keep working and building Focallocal through the many ups and the downs it has taken me through. Focallocal events are like a 1st step in collective community action to make a better world for us to live in; and our projects are like the 2nd step for those wanting to explore their collective power for change further.

1379755_10203329591430541_338177616_nUnderlining the Focallocal movement is a desire to show people how through modern technology we can all come together, using Collective Action to shape our world and our own future. Each of our events and projects are fun, easily accessible and bring people together to make a small difference in their local community; while discovering and exploring how powerful we can be when we come together as part of a positive, pro-active group to apply our combined energies, skills and passions to find positive solutions for societal problems and issues facing humanity.

Focallocal has been, and still is a learning experience for me. I want to learn about positive and collective community action, and to share what i learn with everyone through Focallocal. I believe that passionate people coming together to tackle specific problems in the world around them have the power to build a better future! and i want you to join me!


Why is founder Andy at Focallocal, so sure it’ll work??

Well in truth it would be crazy to be walking around smiling all day long because i know that this will for sure be a world-wide movement by this time next year. I absolutely believe in the idea, there are so many people around the world who are unhappy with the way the world is being run and how little power we have in our modern world to influence it. If a tiny fraction of that frustration were turned into positive social action and then magnified by combining with other pro-active and positive people  ..then i am absolutely certain something monumental will happen!

DCIM100GOPROI do often question whether i have the skills required to make it happen – i am far from balanced in my skills, i have some area’s i excel in and some monumental weaknesses (for a start i am the MOST dis-organised events organiser you’ll ever meet!). It would be crazy to expect this project to change the World right now; after one fairly long dip, pondering whether i was setting myself up for a big fall and wasting all my time, effort and money in Focallocal; i came to the conclusion that to me it really doesn’t really matter and I wrapped it all up nicely into a motto i read every morning;


‘as long as i keep moving forwards i can’t fail, and as long as i enjoy the journey it doesn’t matter if i succeed!’

..and I do enjoy the journey!

Looking back at the photo’s and video’s of the positive events and projects i’ve been putting on this past year i’ve also come to realize that Focallocal has already succeeded! Every single activity we do has a positive impact on the people we reach out to and interact with and that effect does ripple outwards. Perhaps someone walking past a Free Hugs event in a bad mood was reminded to smile and even if they didn’t take a hug they avoided an argument with their spouse. Maybe one young person was given a bottle of bubbles by a stranger when walking past our Bubble Blowing Flash Mobs and it challenged a fear they had of people they haven’t met, so they didn’t feel the need to join a gang for protection from an unfriendly world.


 I’ve also received messages and photo’s from folk who came to our events and were inspired to recreate them, or similar events in France, Canada, Australia, Poland, Austria and New Zealand (in fact they were my inspiration for trying to take the message further with our Road Trip) – so even if i decided i needed a proper job so i could eat properly again, or have money to socialise in bars with my friends, and i packed it all up tomorrow ..Focallocal can’t fail because it has already succeeded! now it’s just a question of how much further this idea can go, and how many more lives we can have a positive impact on.


Please join me on our mission, together we can shape the World we live in!

Andy @ Focallocal :O)

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