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Focallocal Road Trip

(Basically just me, a video camera and who-ever else is brave enough to come, floating around the world and putting on Focallocal’s events and projects to bring people closer together and reaching out to invite more people to join us in the hope of together making the world a better place through collective positive social action! :O)

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The 20th of April is marked in my diary with a big red X! ..and i’m rushing around like a crazy person to get everything prepared and save up a little money so i’m ready to meet it with a big smile!

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Its the launch of the Focallocal Road Trip, and I’m jumping into a van to drive around Europe – and hopefully the whole World, if we sell enough t-shirts to pay for gas money once the little i’ve saved up runs out! or if you like what we are doing enough to crowdfund us to keep on going!

The response our events receive from those who join in and pass by has been astonishing! and i’ve received messages and photo’s from people who experienced our London events and were inspired to recreate them, or similar events in France, Canada, Australia, Poland, Austria and New Zealand.  The genuine happiness a small group is able to instil in hundreds of passers-by, our ability to bring regular people into projects which connect them with and help the needy, and the desire others had shown to recreate our events and projects around the world, led me to question; what impact would a community of 1000 ..or 10,000 people running positive social action activities in their local community, have on the world? 


Using the skills i possess the best way i am able to attract awareness of our movement for Positive Collective Social Action and Community Connection and bring more people into the project is to buy a van and drive around the World, collaborating with local charities and social/community groups and together setting up Focallocal events and projects, creating connection, helping the needy, spreading awareness of our project and connecting with their supporters and networks.


I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before, and so its my hope that the videos of our events on this trip will catch people’s attention and help turn Focallocal into a global movement for connection and positive social action! ..if you can edit video’s please visit our Youtube page, take what you want and do your magic! putting together good videos is my biggest weakness. The hope is that our simple and fun social activities spread and snowball, bringing real lasting cultural changes by creating closer communities all around the planet and teaching individuals how powerful we can all be if we are proactive and work together in collective action.



Help out by contact charities and social groups across Europe on our behalf to see if they would be interested in collaborating.. or send me the contact details of any good ones you know of. Or maybe you’d like to contact the organisers of paid Festivals and try to get us entry to run a few Focallocal events for them while there. I also need your advice in planning this trip!  where should i go? and which charities and social groups have a good following and are doing positive things? Festivals and Carnivals are a great way to build a following for our movement!  where and when are the best free one’s?

Also, feel welcome and invited to jump in a car,  or take a tent, stick out your thumb and go hitch-hiking and join me! I’d love to have you along for the ride!! (hitch-hiking is really easy in Europe, I’ve been all over it many times and I’ll write a guide to help anyone who’d like to learn soon).

So that’s the plan, driving around setting up community events in partnership with positive groups all over Europe (and hopefully further), visiting cultural events to build awareness of our movement, and putting on community projects which show local people simple ways they can help the needy and isolated – all in the pursuit of making the world happier and more connected place!


Current Draft Schedule:

London International Pillow Fight Day – April 5, London, UK (leaving)

Rainbow Festival – June 27, Hungary

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Social and positive groups we can organise community events with

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Festivals and Carnivals in Europe we should visit

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Charities in Europe we can collaborate with

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