Slip n Slide


Societal Issues Targeted:
  • Promoting the concept of unity among people to create a local community resource


“Adults are just outdated children. Age doesn’t out-date you; not finding time to play does!”


Its a HUGE slide!


  1. You’ll need to find 10 or 20 people who are happy to chip in around £5 each.
  2. Set up a quick crowdfunder. If enough people join in, then you can purchase the slide. If not, you still won’t be left out of pocket.
  3. Take the slide to the biggest hill in your town, and ask everybody who’s participating to bring 2 bottles of baby oil (water also helps).
  4. Repeat, as often as you want!
  5. Post photos on our Facebook page to share your positive experience and inspire others to do the same.
  6. Why not create a Facebook group for the slide where anyone can ask to come and use the slide whenever they want? It’s a community resource now!

Please post your events and experiences in our community so other Social Action Heroes can enjoy them as well!


  • Poly Sheeting (Plastic Sheeting)
  • Has 8mm thickness
  • 10 Feet x 100 Feet length
  • It should cost around £60
  • I got ours from eBay!


  • Clothes absorb the baby oil and wipe it off. Going naked is the best possible way, but those not wanting that kind of attention from the police can stay modest. But remember: ‘less is more’.
  • You can make a great slip suit out of a THICK bin bag!
  • Don’t mix other liquids like liquid detergent and shower soap with the baby oil. They fight against each other.
  • Being near a water source is a great help!


Being playful has benefits backed up by science! Researchers suggest that playful individuals utilize more adaptive, stressor-focused coping strategies and were less likely to employ negative, avoidant, and escape-oriented strategies. Many research studies, moreover, playfulness
is an important component of healthy aging in older adults.

LEGAL STUFF (How it worked out for us)

If the event gets really large, you might get some attention from the police. In the UK, you can apply for a Temporary Events Notice (T.E.N) but personally, I think the right for the public to gather in a public space and enjoy a positive activity is and should be a protected human right! I have very rarely applied for TEN and I’ve had a few discussions with the police. Eventually, after I explain that it is simply a gathering of local people and a positive community event with no money being exchanged, the police have never made us stop. We were once asked to move, but the officer suggested another nearby location.

There is some risk of liability with this event. Imagine you brought your football and invited someone to join in who fell over breaking an ankle. It’s unfortunate, but it wouldn’t be your fault unless it was a concrete football. It is everyone’s own choice if they’d like to slide with you, but if you set up in a place or a manner that is clearly dangerous, that could be considered your fault. Just be a bit sensible! 🙂




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