Focallocal is a Community for Public Happiness


People exploring and using creative and fun activities to make the World around us a happier, friendlier, safer and more connected place for us all to live in


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  • Focallocal is for people tired of waiting for others to make the World a better place
  • We use fun and simple activities to reach out a friendly hand to others around us, each action creating a warmer and safer place to live.
  • You Do Have Time to create change – on the way to work, on your lunch break, or when meeting your friends for a coffee, it can be the simplest of actions, but repeated en-mass around the World it will begin to make a legitimate difference.
  • Imagine there were 10, 20 or even 100 active Focallocal members in your city it would quickly become a friendlier and happier place to live, for everyone ..go find them, and invite them to join you!


Why not be the change? you’ll have fun, meet positive and exciting new people, and be a part of building a Global Movement for Positive Social Change?

Find suggested activities in the Take Action section. Follow our guide to set it up , and start Spreading Happiness and Connection Today! Also, join in discussions and see others Activities at our Community on Facebook, and please tell all your friends about Focallocal


Together we can change the World!


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