Many wonderful people have helped get our project to where it is now and i’d like to thank all of them if i haven’t already. There are a few who have really put something of value in to Focallocal because they believe in what we are doing, and without them we’d be along way further back down the road in our mission to increase connection between people and communities around the world and promote positive social action than we are now.

Here’s a personal, heartfelt thanks from me on behalf of all involved in our mission, to our partners and those that have given Focallocal a helping hand out because they believe in what we are doing here.


The Rainmaker Foundation, who are supporting our general operations and direction, connecting us with other projects and collaborating on homeless projects.


Theodore Zeldin and The Oxford Muse are a group of internationally well known philosophers who we have worked with in the past and hope to continue our friendship, helping them communicate their messages and questions related to connection and connected living to the masses.


Gary Scarisbrick Illustration. The majority of our official art work, including our brilliant logo (which i’ve received countless compliments for!) was kindly created and donated by our friend, the immensely talented Gary Scarisbrick.


Hub Westminster and the 00 Team: The Hub is a centre for the social economy, set up and run by the 00 Team – an innovative group of architects using the skills of their trade to design social projects and spaces. The Hub is a knowledge economy full of exciting projects to connect business with the community and it is leading the drive towards a social economy which better serves the interests of the community than our current system; its a place where simply making a coffee regularly leads to inspiration and opportunities for new collaboration.


Aida Eltorie and the Finding Projects Association


Oscar Duignan – Outstanding Web Developer, who helped me tremendously on a few occasions when i found myself way out of my depth building this site. [email protected] 

with great gratitude, Andy at Focallocal :0)