#ChasetheSun: part 1 The 2016 Positive Action Road Trip begins! France and Besançon

The ‘summer’ in London was ending, and just as it was looking like there wasn’t going to be a Positive Action Road Trip this year, until one of our longest members, Julita said ‘Hey, Andy. I want an Adventure, what’s going on? Lets Go!’ ..and so we did!

..thus the #ChasetheSun Road Trip 2016 was born (more or less an exact representation of what happened)

Pillow Fights 4Connection+Open Skills Sharing in Linz, Austria

The weather was wonderful and the people of Linz were sunny and smiley. It may have been a more laid back city than the last stop in Klagenfurt, or perhaps it was just the perfect weather and its warm effect on people; but regardless everyone seemed happy to see us. Me and Katarina started off our stay in Linz with a Pillow Fight 4Connection, by the river – inviting all the people there, and passing by to come and join in the fun with us, and to connect with each other using a friendly Pillow in the Face as our tool of choice.

Road Trip 4Connection: Stuck in Paradise pt 1 (Slovenia)

Driving up steep twisting mountain roads in the black of the night. At the biggest incline the van suddenly looses power, and the smell of burning fills the cabin. It was 2 am so we decided to sleep for a night and face the difficult situation we have found ourselves in the next morning.  

An old friend of mine, Katarina, had been following Focallocal and when she read I was nearby she asked if she could join the road trip. Our problems began by the most beautiful river imaginable, called Soca river, in the scenic mountain surroundings of Bovec, North-Western Slovenia.

An Unexpected Discovery: Mass Pillow Fights

– by Jenny P.  Being an introvert, I had never really been a fan of crowds and any activity involving crowds, unless it’s something I already know I would enjoy. My friend Faith had to invite me twice to this event before I even considered going. I had a lot of excuses lined up: I have to do my chores, I want to continue my gaming binge, I need the rest, I’ve got 3 books I still haven’t finished reading. And yet…Robert Kennedy once said, “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why… I dream of things that never were and ask why not?”Well, in my life I had never really dreamt of going to things like these.

photo by Saralouise

Pillow Fights for Love!

You’re either a lover or a fighter, right? But is it possible to have a fluffy, happy medium? Can people love to fight? Can we fight for love? ”… if you really love something you want to protect it. It needs courage and self confidence to stand up to the own values.