Real fans shouldn’t suffer due to a handful of racist idiots. What is something non-violent that a body of fans can do or chant to shut down someone in the crowd near them being racist and show support for the players targeted?

It would be great to launch an awareness campaign for a coordinated action all the other fans can take which drowns out the racism in football, showing solidarity and support for the player(s) being targeted, and belittling the behaviour of problem fans. What are your suggestions?

Postponed: Free Hugs World Record in Distance. London – Edinburgh 2018.

I made it my mission in life to teach people how they can make the world around them a little friendlier, safer, and happier by using positive projects and activities to target societal issues, and so I seem to have talked myself into something a bit out there again.. Next Saturday, on the 7th July I begin the over 900 kilometre walk from London to Edinburgh, 20-30 km/day, carrying a fabulous free hugs flag created by Irene and creating a new world record for the World’s Longest Free Hugs Event in Terms of Distance to promote our platform re-launching