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Focallocal is a positive community of change makers, ordinary folk like you and me, showing that simple and fun positive social activities can shape the World around us, and create a more connected, friendly, happier and safer place for everyone to live in.

The face of our project is our simple events and welcoming projects with groups likely to be feeling isolated. But there is much more going on behind the scenes, with pro-active people working to build Focallocal into a Global movement for positive change. If you’d like to join in and take action to build and spread our idea please join our dedicated internal network, where teams discuss, collaborate and report back on their efforts to push the project forwards.

Lots of people really believe we can do something special for this planet, and everyone on it. click here if you’d like to join us!

Focallocal Positive Action Teams

 An energetic group for all our most active event and project organisers.

 Spreading the word of our project, message and activities to rally an army of  positive people to create positive change, connection and a happier World to live in. (marketing, advertising, social media)

For the wonderful artists, designers, photographers, video makers and editors who capture Focallocal’s positive message and actions and present them to the public.

Web Team: Ambassors of our online base of operations, constantly improving our behind the scenes so it reaches out further and can support the growth of our happy community.

Fundraising: The valuable women and men who enable our community to keep on going and growing.

Connect 4Collaboration:
Finding and contacting other positive charities, social/community groups and projects to explore ways we can support each other and collaborate.

FL Community: 
To make sure we dont just focus outwards this is a friendly team who make new members feel welcome, encourage current Focallocallers, create competitions, and anything that will add a little spark into our community to keep people engaged and so Focallocal stays a fun community to be part of.

click here and email us about Joining our Positive Action Teams 

(p.s. feel welcome to add it to your CV/Resume, build assignments at Uni/College around our project, gain real world experience of a subject you study, or  explore new careers before taking the leap. many others did and do)