Take a Smile Day

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Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Creating a little ripple of happiness in many places around the World at the same time, building a up healing wave of positivity


“little kind acts, those are the key to Global happiness ..and to yours”
― Andy at Focallocal

Intro: Take a Smile is a project we developed in 2012. The first one was just me and Julita going up to drunken angry skinheads in a pub after their team, i think it was Sheffield United, had just lost a big cup game
Despite being a little upset, the vast majority of them still took a smile, laughed and enjoyed the kind offering – the tough crowd was a perfect test!

Take a Smile is a simple, easy activity which is lots of fun, and is the most direct tool we’ve found to bring a smile to your city!


1) Draw smiley faces around the outside of a sheet of paper and write “Take a Smile” in the middle (in any language).

2) Cut around the smiles making strips

3) Take to the streets and invite EVERYONE you meet to TAKE A SMILE with them!

protip: people’s 1st reaction is that you are selling something, so i offer once and then encourage them to look again by saying something like ‘go on, its just a smile’ – the reassurance that its not a sale or marketing normally gets them to look, and then happily to take one (and smile!) (please don’t write websites or anything of the sort on the back, it defeats the message of a kind act wanting nothing in return)

So that’s it, this is a really simple event which is more fun than trying to catch a greased pig, in a pit fill of jelly(o) while wearing an inflatable clown costume! Take a Smile simply spreads smiles around where you live, and reminds everyone that the community they live in is full of happy, friendly people who will share their time just to make them smile. What a wonderful, happy and fun way to spend a few hours, and anyone who joins you is definitely a positive person so it’s a great way to add more positive people into your life :0)

Just pick a time and meeting point to sit, have a coffee and draw the signs, then invite your friends, and ask them to invite their friends, to walk around the town together giving everyone you meet a smile to take home.

More Pro-Tips:

  • You ARE doing something unusual and lots of people will think you are trying to sell them something, so this event takes a little more patience than others – but stick with it as the reactions are beautiful from people who see that it is just nothing more than a smile :0)
  • its fun to meet somewhere and making the signs together over coffee.
  • Numbers really aren’t important, I do this event on my own all the time if i need a break from working to build our community – so don’t stress about numbers, 2 of you is more than you need to have an excellent time!
  • Its always fun to socialise afterwards in a bar or park
  • Please write an article to post photos to share your experiences and happiness with the rest of the Focallocal community, and to inspire others to run their own a Take a Smile event :O)




Take a Smile is a tool when used as an kind and friendly gesture to show support and encouragement to those likely to be feeling isolated in your community. For example outside an immigration centre


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