Teach a Workshop

The first workshop should a 30mins to 1hr introduction to the topic. The workshop is designed to give a basic overview introducing people needing a direction to follow in life, to new fields with the hope of sparking an interest in learning more themselves.  You will need to research a path attendees can follow if they want to learn more so as to show them a path to using your skill to improve their current circumstance. If you would like to prepare a series of follow up workshops that would be great, but we’d suggesting waiting to gauge interest. 

Name: *FirstLastE-mail: *What skill can you teach: *Please tell us your location and availability
(months, days of the week, times of the day).How can those interested learn more? Libraries with a related section and suggested books at those libraries: Websites, suggested Search Terms and Online Forums where they can ask for more advice:
Government Training Schemes, Local College Courses and Employment Charities who might offer support (especially if they are directly related to the field – like a charity that focuses on helping people get started as electricians).