The Focallocal Community Values


The Focallocal community is a fun, energetic and vibrant gathering of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, exploring fun and creative ways we can come together and take action to change the root of issues troubling our World, through light-hearted, adventurous and enjoyable activities

Our Public Happiness Community and Movement is based on these Ten Core Values


Public Happiness Community Values

1. Welcoming

Our community is based upon an open environment of connection and positivity. All causes and opinions are valid and respected as people agree to put aside their affiliations for a while, allowing us to be open to everyone in our community, as a human, apart from our passionately held points of view which so often divide us

By focusing on what connects us instead of what divides us, we create a safe space where we teach the important skill of learning how to come together, as humans, around a project or activity which benefits the local communities we live in

2. An Open Human Space

Leave all political leanings, religions and spiritual beliefs at the door. Our positive action based community is open to everyone, simply as human-beings together. Everyone at a gathering may agree that the Flying-Spaghetti Monster is the way forwards, while those passing-by may be strictly Dudeists and not feel welcomed to join. It is an intensely liberating experience to just see, and be seen as a human exploring the many paths in life, just as everyone else is

Projects focusing on issues may appear to side with one political leaning or another, but our sole focus is on the root issue causing harm in society, and not on political bickering

3. Evidence Based

Every activity and action is based on peer reviewed scientific studies. Action must be anchored to humanity’s best current understanding of reality to ensure that energies are focused on making legitimate change in the world as effectively as possible. This differentiates the Focallocal Public Happiness Movement from a hippie revival, or new age spiritualist/religious community

As a side benefit this teaches people to critically examine today’s flood of social media pushed anti-intellectualism, helping to act efficiently in life, and in supporting their local community

4. People and Innovative Technology Grounded

The Focallocal Movement is grounded in technological innovation, and exploring their use to coordinate locally, while sharing the most effective ideas for creating positive societal change globally. Innovative technology should be harnessed to empower people and communities, giving everyone the tools to transform the world around them into a friendlier, safer, and happier place to live our lives in

5. Encouraging

We are all on a journey of exploration and we support and encourage all of our fellow adventurers. Some may not get it right away, so please guide their ideas and suggestions to fit with these Community Values, using plenty of positive encouragement

6. Smiling

You’ve found a home for your lovely smile, positivity and enthusiasm. Please bring it along to our activities and projects, especially those targeting serious issues. All smiles are beautiful! Please share yours with the world, and with each other

7. Sharing

Our community is about sharing – sharing ideas, experiences, success stories, talents and smiles!

As a world-wide network – our whole is so vastly greater than the sum of our parts. When we come together with a shared vision, and an organised plan of the steps needed to achieve it, we as a collective of individuals, are powerful beyond imagination!


8. Empowering

Our community is focused on providing you with the tools and support needed to create change on social issues you care about through uniting with other positive and proactive people nearby and using the most effective ideas collected worldwide from our community.

Consider the issue of involuntary homelessness, where endless money has been given to charities around the world, and yet most countries are no closer to ending homelessness than they were in the 60’s. If people in a town simply came together around effective ideas and a determination to resolve the issue ourselves, it would be gone forever in no time

9. Rippling

How can helping a few homeless folk feel less isolated in a small town in Hungary, or creating greater connection between folk in a community in Dorset, really change the wider world in any way?

The activities and projects you create locally through our platform may seem small when we talk about making an impact on a global scale. Your energy and positivity is an essential part of growing an interconnected community of people, all exploring positive new ways to affect issues troubling their local community.

By sharing our small successes, each successful activity can be recreated thousands and thousands of times by other Focallocallers across the globe, and together those ripples combine into an unstoppable wave of positive action that can have a real impact for positive societal change, globally!

10. Snowballing

All of your positive actions on our platform help spread awareness of the Public Happiness Movement. Reaching more people who want to live in a happier world with our message that it is possible, and they have the power to build it, today!

As more people are drawn into our mission, the effects of your actions that reached them are magnified far beyond what you can see. Each new Focallocaller who joins in adds more positive energy as our Movement grows into an unquenchable force of change for a friendlier, happier world – at peace with each other, for all of humanity to enjoy!!