The Positivity Facilitator

Social Issues Targeted:

  • Connecting demographics who are less likely to interact with each other
  • Countering modern marketing’s push to highlight differences between people

positivity facilitator positive action

This is a gathering where we ask people on the street to write positive messages onto a white board, and then choose someone nearby they’d like for you to deliver their message in order to give their day a little lift.

TWIST: You will be that board!

This event aims to:
– Instigate a positive interaction between people who would not normally talk with each other, promoting kindness without expecting something in return.
– To show or remind people that their community is filled with kind and loving people outside of those they’d usually interact with–ones who have chosen to give their energy to make other’s day better through kind words.
– Focallocallers will be facilitating positive interactions between people who wouldn’t normally interact, and that’s how we came up with the name “Positivity Facilitator”!


  • Studies suggest that in terms of mortality risk, the number of weak ties may be an important component of social networks. In this sense, people had greater longevity if they had a larger number of weak social ties, independent of whether or not they had close, intimate ties. This suggests that communicating with strangers can improve one’s lifespan!


  • It’s easier to make a positive message chain, so after receiving a message as a recipient, you can choose a person and pass the kind words on!
  • The boards should be mounted on your back, as drawing on your front can get a little too appropriate for most women pretty fast.
  • We suggest stick to on white board sheeting (click the shop link at the top to get some). A normal white board attached with string or duct tape would also work just fine!
  • I strongly suggest going around in pairs or threes. Otherwise, you can expect some flirtatious messages–and dating isn’t the purpose of the activity–or immaturely rude ones as some people feel the pull towards trolling to watch reactions when anonymity is provided.
  • A little water and a piece of cloth can be useful too!

Have a great time! And if you have had a wonderful experience, please send your videos and photos to us and maybe write an article about the activity as it will inspire more people to give it a try! At the end of the day, each action is a small step towards a friendlier world.