The Positivity Facilitator

– full guide with beautiful photos and videos coming soon. want to help speed it up? head over to the Action Center and join in! –

Social Issues Targeted:

♥ Connecting demographics who are less likely to interact with each other
♥ Countering modern marketing’s push to highlight differences between people rather than what we share (people are people)

positivity facilitator positive action

This is a gathering to ask people on the street to write positive messages onto a white board, and then choose someone nearby they’d like to you to deliver their message to give their day a little lift will be that board!!

This event aims to:
♥ Instigate a positive interaction between people who would not normally talk with each other, promoting promote kindness without expectation of something in return.
♥ To show, or simply remind people that their community is filled with kind and caring people outside of those they’d usually interact with (their ‘demographic’ or ‘sub-culture’); who have chosen to give their energy to make others day better with kind words
♥ Focallocallers will be facilitating positive interactions between people who wouldn’t normally interact, that’s how I came up with the name “positiveness facilitator”


  • Its easiest to make a positive message chain, so after delivering a message as the recipient to write something and choose the next person
  • The boards should be mounted on your back as drawing on your front is going to get a little too familiar for most women pretty fast
  • We suggest stick on white board sheeting (click the shop link at the top to get some). A normal white board attached with string or duct tape would also work just fine
  • I strongly suggest going around in pairs, or threes. otherwise you can expect some flirtatious messages, and dating isn’t the purpose of the activity; or immaturely rude as some people feel the pull towards trolling to watch reactions, when anonymity is provided
  • a little water and a cloth can be a big help
  • Have a great time, and if you have a good time please send your videos and photos to us and maybe write an article about your experience as it will inspire more people to give it a try, and each action is a small step towards a friendlier world to live in

    Warm wishes,

    Andy at Focallocal :0)