Theatre Production with Folk who are Homeless





Social Issue Targeted: the distance between folk who are homeless and the general public, reminding others that people without a home are people, who have real lives and stories. Also to hopefully give the performers,  and of course the acting workshops will be great fun.

For this Public Happiness Project we invite local actors to volunteer their time, teaching regular acting workshops in local Homelessness shelters. Later when we have built relationships with the most committed attendee’s at the workshops, we offer to bring in script writers and directors to work with them and write a performance (theatre, poem, or song) for them to star in about their lives, and the paths which have led to their current situation on the streets.

We approach local theatres and put on a series of performances, with ticket sale profits being split between the shelters involved and the actors who are homeless. We also encourage the actors to sit outside with a donations box afterwards (if they are comfortable doing so) to cement the connection between their performance and the situation explained through it.

Actors, Script Writers and Directors wanted, join the group and say hello

Sarah and Sunny are co-coordinating this project in London and would love more actors, directors, writers and organisers to join the co-ordination team and help run the project, contact us to get involved in London – or for advice and support re-creating this project in another city.

Other suggested groups likely to be isolated who this community connecting project would work well for:
– Sex workers
– Addicts