Theatre with Folk who are Homeless



Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Creating a light social activity and space as brief a rest from the hardships of living on the streets
  • Re-humanising those who are homeless to the public by sharing real stories of the path to homelessness of other humans

Project Intro:

people who’d like to come together and to offer acting workshops in Homeless Shelters around London, and build a performance for the most committed attendee’s to tell the public on stage the story of how they ended up in their current circumstance, reminding the public that homeless people are people too, who are just down on their luck.

As the project develops it should be possible to offer the actors and shelters some income from ticket sales.

The end goal of  this project is to create self-running communities of thespians giving their time to lift the spirits of those living in difficult circumstances, creating a light and enjoyable regular social activity at shelters to provide a space where those living on the streets can just feel ‘normal’ again for a while.

Volunteer activity co-ordinators and directors can work with this community to offer the most committed attendee’s the change to be part of a performance which visits theatres around the city, and all around the country, where people who are/have recently been homeless tell their life stories to the public – promoting understanding, re-humanising the homeless in public consciousness, and promote debate on the social and mental health net which is failing to prevent people from ending up on the streets


Actors, Directors, Script Writers, Poets and Project Co-ordinators needed to join the group and take action to help those most in need in their local community:







Contact us and together lets set this project up in YOUR city!