Token Background

Token Background

Our team of volunteers has been building a platform for over 3 years now. The platform is for groups from around the world, anyone who is using positive actions to promote peace and well-being through building human and community connection. It’s provides a space for our individual networks to grow into something larger. A global movement for a world with more peace and happiness in it. We’ve reached the point where it is ready to begin hosting communities who will contribute to it governance and improving the platform. You can take a look here:

In my 7 years leading a volunteer based Public Happiness community, i’ve seen thousands of beautiful ideas flicker to life. All but the most stubborn have been extinguished, and those like myself who have refused to give up have struggled financially to manage the massive time commitments needed, because our current society simply doesn’t value efforts to unite people and communities. Connected communities are empowered to solve issues afflicting them, and protected from voices trying to divide us for their own selfish (usually political) ends. Those working to unite are providing an essential service to a healthy local, and global community.

The platform makes it far easier for new people to join in, reach like-minded people and explore their ideas to create more peace and happiness in the world around them. Providing tokens as a financial reward which energy put towards creating a healthier more connected community deserves. The Token provides a wind behind ingenuitive sparks for benefiting humanity in ways not measured directly by GDP metrics, and the members of our community provide the kindling to ignite great ideas that would for positive change that would normally die out.


Where its coming from:
This project is an extension of work which i’ve made my vocation for the past 7 years. Creating a small positive cultural shift to encourage people to take positive action for increasing well-being within their own local communities, and sharing ideas globally on effective ways to achieve that.

Rejecting the stresses the current economic system places on most genuinely altruistic projects, I chose against setting up as a charity. Instead living in a van, or tent, so i could afford the freedom to work full-time on promoting the concept of empowering individuals, and their local communities by uniting people to target improving well-being where they live.

Always there was an undercurrent. It felt like I was swimming upstream against the reality of modern life. People always love the idea of what I’m doing and wish they could; but almost all are too time/money/life pressured to really join me on my mission. This Token intends to incentivise positive action. Relieving some pressure to make it easier for those who wish they could join in, to actually take time and focus on improving issues troubling their local area. Mobilising crowds into increasing well-being, on a local and global scale and supercharging our network effect.

Have a look through our Community Values if you’d like to better understand the spirit which will be guiding the project.

Myself and volunteers in the Focallocal community have been working hard to bring the platform to a minimal usable level capable of supporting the community who will evolve it to fit their needs as we gradually implement a decentralised governance system which point all of us will own this project.


Welcome to my dream of a kinder more connected future.

I hope you’ll join in building it to brighten lives, and this world we all live in,